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Removal of varnish coatings

We cleanse

Elements of paint shop equipment
paint hangers, hooks, grates, chains, baskets, trolleys, guides, tanks, transport systems

Badly varnished metal parts
industrial fittings, furniture, lamps, fences, bicycle and motorcycle frames, shelves, cabinets and housings, household appliances components, aluminum profiles and components, filters, car parts, machine and device parts

At the client’s request, we also perform repair and maintenance works (welding, replacement of bearings, etc.).

Who is it for?

Our offer is addressed to companies providing varnishing services and to companies that, as part of the production process, have varnishing of semi-finished or finished products.

Our clients include, among others, iron foundries, manufacturers of household appliances, manufacturers of industrial fittings, car parts, window and door joinery, companies involved in the production or renovation of metal furniture, lamps, bicycles, heaters, manufacturers of fences, steel structures, facade elements and electroplating plants. and service paint shops.

We invite you to test cleaning

We invite you to perform cleaning tests of hangers and / or badly painted elements at the expense of ABL. The completed trial cleaning gives you the opportunity to convince yourself of the quality of our services, and for us it is the basis for preparing an offer.